This is just an introduction

I recently decided to start writing on Medium.

Photo by Ioana Cristiana on Unsplash

Quick origin story: I’ve been journaling literally my entire life (I have entries from when I was 8). Some journal entries have changed my life and stood out to me as ideas that people need to hear. Others, not so much. Either way, journaling has always been extremely therapeutic to me, and writing (whether academically or for leisure) has been something I’ve always enjoyed. Why not start another diary? Better yet, an online diary?

For some reason, I felt weird just jumping into blogging without making a proper introduction. So for everyone that didn’t ask, here are a few reasons why I’m starting a blog and what that will entail.

Let’s be honest: as a novice blogger, I’m not reigning in major traffic. Hell, I’m not reigning in any traffic at all. But that’s what makes it exciting — getting to play around with my writing voice and writing goals without the pressure of thousands of eyes on my posts. I have room to make a ton of mistakes; room to embarrass myself in front of a minuscule audience that doesn’t give a shit.

Years from now, I want my posts to have reached thousands of eyes and made an impact of hundreds of lives. I feel like I have a lot of insight to offer, and the idea that my insight could have a lasting impact on someone is beyond mind-blowing.

For the past week, all I’ve been able to think about is writing on Medium. Will I like it? Will I care enough to keep up with it? Will I care so much that I still feel motivated to keep writing if I only have 10 viewers after two years of consistency? Is this just something I’ll be super passionate about for a few months and then forget about completely? Will I come off as super preachy as I attempt to articulate my life epiphanies through writing?

These are things I’ll only be able to answer by doing it; by putting in the work, seeing what sticks, and seeing how I like it.

Overall, my goal is to share my insights in a way that will help people. I will be writing about two topics: UX design (my career) and personal development.

This post will by far be my least helpful (and probably least interesting), but I felt a need to make it anyway. Now I can finally say that I have something published here on Medium, and that will give me the much-needed push to get more works out there.

Thank you for reading!

UX Designer and casual writer.